Which Fictional Boss Are You?[ Flowchart]


I know I’m literally ten years late to this, but I just started watching Mad Men on Netflix. And guys — newsflash — it’s a really good show.

The old school ad strategies, the fun outfits, the drama — I love it all. Except Don Draper’s management style. That, in my humble sentiment, could use a little work.

I know my stance might be colored by several generation gaps. I’m a millennial, and according to some reports, we need to be told we’re smart and wonderful every two seconds or we turn to avocado toast dust — but it seems to me that Draper could afford to foster his squad a little bit more. Or at the very least , not rely so heavily on cryptic one-liners and mysterious gazes to drive the direction of major projects.

I probably won’t ever relate to Don Draper’s unconventional leadership style on Mad Men , but there are plenty of other fictional bosses from TV and cinema to aspire to — or avoid becoming.

To help you discover your fictional boss alter ego, the folks at GetVoIP spun up this clever flowchart. So go ahead: Take a infringe from your morning grind, and answer the issues to below to figure out which beloved( or notorious) fictional boss your leadership style most aligns with. It’s still kind of work related, right?

Which fictional boss did you get? Let us know in specific comments !

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