Where We Are: The 2017 State of Content Marketing[ Infographic]


“Less than 10% of those surveyed were definitely sure how to implement content marketing.”

Sound familiar?

If it does, you’re clearly not alone. Content marketing — and keeping up with it — can be confusing, even to those who understand its importance. Many of us have heard the phrase “content is king.” But what, exactly, does that look like here and now, in such a rapidly changing landscape?

We grabbed that opening statistic from the helpful, intriguing infographic below, compiled by Zazzle, based on the results of its 2017 State of Content Marketing Survey of marketers in the UK. But instead of simply looking at the most recent tendencies, it sought to examine the ache phases and decision-making process of today’s content marketer. And if you’re in matters of building life easier for that audience — well, we suggest having a look.

Do you think the same tendencies hold true in your neck of the woods? Read on, and consider where your current strategy and priorities align with the data exemplified here.

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