What You Missed Last Month in Google


For many things in life, it seems like thereas a weather analogy. A happy disposition is often described as asunny.a Something foreboding could be said to acast a clouda on someone. And, according to MozCast, the indicators of a big change in Googleas algorithm can be described as ahot and stormy.a

Thatas not bad news for marketers. Tools like MozCast can help you do your job better and help you decipher why you might watch a sudden change in your search rankings or other SEO-related shiftings. The tricky portion, it seems, is keeping up with all things Google: the algorithm, the new features, and what people are searching for the most.

Thatas why weave put together this list of the major highlightings in each of those categories for the month of June. Read on for the full recap below.

June News About Google

Algorithm Updates

Thereas a funny thing about Googleas algorithm updates: aTheyare often very minor tweaks, a tells Matt Barby, HubSpotas global head of growth and SEO.

aMajor updates, a he continues, aare rare, but have the most meaningful impact on marketers.a

In May, rumors emerged that Google was working to add more features along the lines of featured snippets, like including job listings immediately on the search results page. Word of that feature came to fruition when Moz Associate Dan Shure tweeted images of his reported outcomes in late April 😛 TAGEND

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