What marketers need to know about the Apple WWDC announcements[ Podcast]

Browsers have become a battleground for ads, and Apple announced its latest salvo the coming week at their annual WWDC( Worldwide Developers Conference ): Safari will soon begin limiting third-party ad trackers from following users around the web.( Google induced headlines lately with its announcement that “annoying” ads will be blocked in its Chrome browser .) Apple also shared plans to have Safari block autoplay videos by default — a move that could have significant impact on video ads.

In this week’s episode of our Marketing Land Live podcast, we discuss the Safari proclamations and explain how they could impact the digital ad landscape. We also talk about Apple’s announcement of HomePod, its new, in-home speaker/ assistant that will compete with Amazon Echo and Google Home — even though Apple seemed to purposely downplayed that competition.

This week’s show operates 35 minutes. You can listen here or use the link below to subscribe via your favorite podcast service.

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Show notes

WWDC: Safari will block third-party ad trackers from following users around the web

How Appleas Intelligent Tracking Prevention works& why Google/ Facebook could benefit most

Google confirms it will start blocking aannoyinga ads on Chrome next year

Apple introduces HomePod: A premium speaker with Siri

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