Twitter’s latest ad format turns Periscope hearts into branded ones

Twitter is ramping up non-respendable revenues options for its live-streaming app, Periscope. A couple of weeks after inserting ads before some Periscope videos, Twitter is introducing an ad format that can appear atop a live or recorded Periscope broadcast, the company announced on Monday.

Called Custom Hearts, the new ad format takes the standard hearts that appears on-screen when people like a Periscope video and mixtures in branded ones. For spectators, thereas no action required to use a Custom Heart. If the brand and/ or person posting the live stream has activated the campaign, then the branded hearts will be automatically blended with the regular hearts that appear when a viewer likes the video.

To buy a Custom Heart campaign, brands will need to contact Twitteras marketings team and will be charged a flat fee, according to a Twitter spokesperson. Thatas similar to the route Twitter has been selling the sponsored emoji ads it introduced last year. The direct-only marketings strategy can help to ensure that Periscope streams donat become overrun with branded hearts and that the branded hearts arenat objectionable, as TechCrunch discussed in an article posted earlier today.

After arranging the Custom Heart campaign with Twitteras marketings team, a brand can attach the campaign to its own Periscope video or to one posted by a publisher or individual inventor. For example, a brand that has hired a celebrity as the spokesman of a new product can have have its Custom Hearts appear in that celebrityas Periscope broadcast. To activate the campaign — on the brandas own video or the celebrityas — the videoas title must include a specific hashtag dedicated to the campaign.

The first brand to buy a Custom Heart campaign, NBCUniversal, use the format to promote its upcoming aThe Fate of the Furiousa film by having F8-branded hearts appear in a live stream of the movieas premiere.

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