Twitter SEO: Ninja tricks for reputation repair

Twitter is one of my top slam-dunk assets for trying to displace negative content in search results. If your reputation has been harmed by some negative content that ranks when your name is searched, a strong Twitter account could be one of your primary resources for pushing the bad stuff lower on Google and Bing. Unfortunately, many people, small businesses and reputation bureaux do a poor task of optimizing Twitter profiles to enable this to happen. Read on for my ninja-level tricks for Twitter SEO!

When searching for the names of individuals and business in search engines, Twitter accounts can appear on page one of Google and Bing if they have been properly optimized. For instance, a search for Coca-Cola shows the brandas main Twitter account on page one in the second posture, just below the corporationas listing for their official website.

In another example from Bing, if you search for Pepsi, youall find the official Twitter account of the brand appearing on page one for its name searches.

It’s probably borderline unremarkable to report that a search for aTrumpa in either Google or Bing brings up President Trumpas Twitter account listing within the top two or three positions in the search results. But if you search on Google for other big names, you will often find that their Twitter accounts are ranking high as well.

In the example below, featuring the CEO of Tesla automobiles, Elon Musk, Google has evaluated his tweets to be so salient for his name search that a carousel of them are displayed in the search results, immediately below his Twitter account listing.

Of course, these are astronomically popular Twitter accounts for celebrity private individuals and strong brands with sophisticated social media management. However, even lesser-known names can achieve placement on page one in search engines. And, if youare on page one, you then have a good chance of using your Twitter account to displace anything negative about you on the first page.

But this canat happen if the Twitter account is not adequately optimized. So, Iall launch straight into some ninja tricks for maximizing the ranking power of your Twitter profile.

Optimize your Twitter handle!

Iad count this as one of the two most influential and critical elements for your Twitter optimization effort. Your handle, also known as your username, is incorporated by Twitter into your profile URLs and page titles. It also can seem numerous hours in the visible text of the profile, and in connects and titles pointing from elsewhere to your page.

To best optimize the manage for rankings of your name, you need to craft the handle to be spelled as closely as is practicable to the version of your name that people type in when searching for you. People who don’t understand search engines get this wrong all the time. Here are some tips on crafting good names 😛 TAGEND Again, mimic the version of your name that people use to search for you.( Person often leave off words like aInc.a and aCompanya when searching .) The ideal naming convention is to spell out your name, leaving out any spaces. The closer you match your spelling, the more search engines are likely to evaluate the manage to be highly relevant for your searches( e.g ., @chrissmith ). If your ideal name configuration is unavailable, which is more likely the most common your name is, then you will have to craft a difference on it. Try to selected an abbreviation that’s as close to the original name as is practicable. The higher the degree of similarity, the more relevant the search engines will consider the name compared with your actual name. Craft a name that may look like yours if read rapidly, and then test it by utilizing that name to search in Google. If Google automatically associates the alternate version with your website and other online identity materials, then chances are good that youare on the right track. If your name is longer than the 15 characters allotted by Twitter — which happens ALL the time — you will obviously have to abbreviate it. Again, craft this abbreviated name carefully and test it in Google. For instance, if I tried to use my full name without spaces, it would be: @chrissilversmith. At 16 characters, it’s one character too long to be accepted by Twitter. Instead, I might choose to use @chrissilversmth or @chrissilvrsmith. People love to generate acutea Twitter handles that may not even closely resemble their actual names, and they can still rank in search( if other factors and the popularity of the specific characteristics are sufficient ). You can see my Twitter handle of aSi1verya for an example of this — by the time I joined Twitter, it was difficult to get precise matches for common combos of names like aChris, a aSilvera and aSmith.a My Twitter profile is otherwise fairly well-optimized, so I can get away with this. But if youare working hard to get your profile to rank well in Google, DO NOT USE CUTE TWITTER HANDLES that donat closely match your name! Do not add emojis to your username. It may look fun, but the added characters could cause your name to appear to be a less relevant keyword match when people search for you online. If you want to experimentation with this later on, after youave solved your reputation issues, go for it. But, it could otherwise be sand-bagging your efforts. It’s seducing to utilize underscores for multi-word names to take the place of spaces( e.g ., @chris_silver ). Avoid doing this because Google does not treat the underscore as a awhite spacea character like spaces, periods, dashes and so on. It’s unfortunate that Twitter does not allow one to use dashes. In rare cases where it may be the best option available, you may use the underscore, but be aware that it merely offer a fuzzy match relevancy that can be very weak — so, you need to focus on shoring up all other factors to ensure the page ranks well for your name searches.

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