Tips to troubleshoot your technological SEO

There are lots of articles filled with checklists that tell you what technical SEO items you should review on your website. This is not one of those listings. What I believe people need is not another best practice guide, but some help with troubleshooting issues.

info: search operator

Often,[ info: https :// page] can help you diagnose a variety of issues. This command will let you know if a page is indexed and how it is indexed. Sometimes, Google chooses to fold pages together in their indicator and treat two or more duplications as the same page. This command shows you the canonicalized version — not necessarily the one specified by the canonical tag, but rather what Google views as the version they want to index.

If you search for your page with this operator and assure another page, then youall consider the other URL ranking instead of this one in results — basically, A Google didn’t want two of the same page in their index.( Even the cached version depicted is the other URL !) If you attain exact duplicates across country-language pairs in hreflang tags, for instance, the pages may be folded into one version and indicate the wrong page for the locations affected.

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