Time is running out: Engage those holiday shopping stragglers

As you read this, you’re likely entering the week of Black Friday, and all your schemes are in place, or you may have just survived it. Either route, congratulations — you can take a deep breath. Now itas time to set your sights farther down the road, aims to achieve new audiences and armed with new tactics.

The calculated $682 billion in vacation retail sales this year won’t simply happen during Black Friday week. There are plenty of shoppers — either just beginning or finishing up their holiday shopping lists — who will still be making their purchases in December.

Unlike the proactive November shoppers, your audience in December will likely include a larger segment of procrastinators and those with difficult-to-buy-for gift recipients, resulting purchasers to do extra research and set more think into their purchase choices.

If you took my advice last month, your brandas best bargains have been reserved for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. So, whatas left to do in December? Quite a bit, actually, but youall have to change your approach. Letas take a look at some of these strategies and how to use them to your advantage.

Bring in the influencers

When your strategies become less reliant on deals, leveraging social influencers will keep your brand top of mind with remaining shoppers, even those who are not yet brand loyalists.

There are plenty of reasons why collaborating with social influencers should be on your list of tactics. They allow brands to extend their reach through an unexplored, wider audience by providing exclusive offers to their followers and persuading those procrastinators youare trying to reach.

Most importantly, though, social influencers are great because social proof actually runs. Social proof is considered to be an effective marketing strategy because of its they are able to make a brand more relatable through influencersa shared experiences and sentiments. Influencers give your brand credibility while showcasing products in a unique way within their daily lives.

Shipping deadlines

Urgency is another tactic that’s effective in retail scenarios, and what drives more urgency than a fleeting opportunity to attain holiday wishes come true? As period runs out on the holiday season, make sure youare mentioning your shipping deadlines early and often. Donat focus too much on just the alast day to receive your order by Christmasa messaging because shipping deadlines can be more complex than that.

Expedited shipping

If you offer any sort of expedited shipping — whether itas two-day, overnight or something else — are aware of which options will allow the package to arrive on time. Also, hold offering free expedited shipping to consumers who have been actively browsing but have yet to purchase.

And, since youare targeting procrastinators who will likely procrastinate again, rely on your data to consider who employed expedited shipping last year, and then offer it to them again this year.

The shipping threshold

Offering free shipping is expensive for brands, yet Amazon has led shoppers to expect it. To help offset the cost, a common tactic for brands is offering free shipping to clients spending a defined amount.

If you do want to set a free shipping threshold, I recommend calculating the average order value during this period and trying to bump people only above that line. For example, if customers average $40 per order on your site, define your free shipping threshold at $45.

Donat forget physical stores

The posting of your shipping deadlines shouldnat be limited to digital channels. Along with including deadlines in the footer of your emails and on social, I recommend a dedicated landing page on your site promoting shipping deals. But this messaging should also be found in your brick-and-mortar stores.

Your customers are more likely to engage with your brand in a variety of ways during the holiday season, so make sure youare not alienating in-store shoppers who may also buy online by withholding information from them. Speaking of in-store and online shopping…

In-store pickup

The trend of buying online and picking up in store continues to increase per year, both in terms of retailers offering the service and customers taking advantage of it. If your brand provides in-store pickup, make sure it’s promoted prominently, and pertain it to your shipping deadlines as an alternative option.

Donat have in-store pickup? You might want to reconsider, as 60 percent of the most common online shoppers have purchased products online to pick up in store.

Toggle email automation usage

Be the brand whose gift constructed the vacation great , not the one that ruined the astonish. Many households share email addresses or membership accounts to big-box retailers, and Iave insured more than one automated email wreck a good surprise because the recipient was tipped off to the gift.

To help prevent these mishaps, temporarily suspend post-purchase email automations, such as ratings and reviews, until after the holidays. Be sure not to toss out those records, and instead, wait to send after the fact to solicit the examinations and seduce incremental purchases.

However, while you should be cautious of post-purchase automations, other triggered sends, like browsing and cart abandons, will increase this season. More people will be shopping online in December and has continued to be searching for the best deals. So deem bumping up your campaigns into multipart series and updating them to prove any current holiday offers, for a better chance at recapturing abandoned revenue.

Segment your database

I mentioned earlier that those who procrastinate once are likely to do so again, so are actively involved with that knowledge. Mine your database to see who awaited until the last few weeks to buy last year, and double down on those records. Deem use CRM retargeting ads in Facebook or Google, or sending exclusive SMS coupons, as SMS always sees good open rates , no matter the time of year.

Donat be afraid to use the looming deadline to your advantage. Speak to last-minute grabs — Super Saturday, the final Saturday before Christmas, is one of the strongest revenue days of the year — and even promote gift guides and exclusive products, in case they havenat even started the shopping process yet. Your consumers will appreciate the guidance.

Once Black Friday has come and gone and rivalry is less price-driven, focus on working social proof, importance and convenience into your marketing campaign to capitalize on the remaining wallet share. These weeks are your final opportunities to engage vacation shoppers. Then, as I will discuss next month, your job is likely to be converting those shoppers into loyal customers.

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