The Sky’s the Limit: 7 Weird Inventions That Were Big Marketing Hits[ Infographic]

It’s happened to all of us. We find an advertisement or some other reference to a apparently useless product. And yet, it “sells like flapjacks, ” as the telling runs — and you think to yourself, “Well, I could have invented that.”

But there’s a reason why these products sell. They come with a utilize that’s somewhat niche in nature, but highly novel. Guess about some of the products you may have come across in a SkyMall catalogue — a wall-mounted electric hearth? A foldable pet ottoman? They sound completely frivilous, but if I’m being honest, even I might buy them.

There are some inventions, though, that have earned a status as household names, as well as tons of money. What are they, and how did they come to be? Well, you’re in luck — this infographic from SilverDoor answers those questions about seven members of the more popular ones.

So read on, and be prepared to ask, “Why didn’t I think of that? “

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