The Best Schedules for Productivity( No Matter What Time You Wake Up)


If you’re a devotee of sleeping in and biding up late like I am, titles such as the ones below might stress you out.

“The Morning Habits of five Fortune 500 CEOs”

“Why These Startup Founders Swear by Exerting in the Morning”

“Train Yourself to Be a Morning Person”

To all the early birds out there, I salute and admire you — I simply can’t fathom the idea of waking up before sunrise. A plenty of content about productivity and scheduling espouses the importance of get up early, but an early alarm isn’t the only style to get things done.

Whether you wake up early or like to sleep in, the key is to schedule your tasks accordingly. You won’t assure benefits from waking up early to exert if you haven’t slept enough, and your evening routine will influence how early you’re be permitted to get to bed. Syracuse University created the schedules below to optimize your day for productivity, whether you wake up at the crack of dawn or like to hit snooze a few times. Try them out, and see if they help you have a more productive — and restful — day.

Source: Communications @Syracuse

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