The Best of B2B Marketing Content: 9 Instances


Here at HubSpot, some of the most awe-inspiring moments take place when we get at take new products and features for a test drive. We transform, if it’s even imaginable, into even bigger geeks than we normally are, squealing with the exhilaration typically reserved for iPhone launches and new seasons of Netflix series. But alas — this hilarity is caused by software we use every day at work, and will eventually get to share with other marketers.

Many B2B marketers have watched B2C content at least once and asked, “Why do they get to have all the fun? ” But the moments like the one we described above are the ones that remind us: B2C companies haven’t locked down all of the truly interesting marketing slants. We’re passionate about our product — and that means our audience can be, too.

And for every B2B product, there are even more B2B users out there looking for information, inspiration, and knowledge — whether it’s from their peers, or from the organizations looking to provide them with solutions. The point? No marketing, including content, is uninteresting if you look at it the right way.

Done right, B2B content marketing can certainly match — and sometimes, maybe even rival — the imagination and appeal of the best B2C ones. And we want to recognize the brands that are breaking that mold and creating great content that grows fervent, dedicated audiences. Below, you’ll find a few of our favorites.

9 Exceptional B2B Content Marketing Examples

1) CB Insights: Newsletter

What It Does Well

There are two things I love about the CB Insights newsletter. First, it’s astonishingly funny( the subject lines alone make it worth it ). Second, you learn a lot simply by reading the newsletter , no need to click through a bunch of links.a

Janessa Lantz, HubSpot Senior Marketing Manager

We love how this newsletter illustrates the wishes of the CB Insights to not take itself too seriously. Yes, it shares some of the finest insights on technology, venture capital( VC ), and emerging industries, but it does so with fun images that is likely pertain back to the subject — e.g ., the above photo of Oprah thatas been adapted as a meme, since, well, that was the topic of the newsletter.

But the messaging remains relevant, even among the clue of silliness. After all, CB Insights designs technology for people in the VC space, so itas tasked with creating content that they are able to appeal to a broad audience: clients, prospective clients, tech enthusiasts, and investors. And so, under such subject lines as aso sad: tough to have a VC father, a it includes relevant data. Yes, gifs are hilarious — but in some contexts, theyare also worth $147 million.

Takeaway for Marketers

When youare dying to create truly unique, cutting-edge content, itas easy to stray from your organizationas mission and focus. So while itas great to think outside of the box, use clever subject lines, or even write every email with an overarching humorous tone — keep it relevant and include the information that the people reading it signed up to receive in the first place. Then, keep it human.

2) Mattermark: Create the Bar

What It Does Well

Raise the Bar rounds up the best tales about a variety of different industries, giving me a great snapshot of trends to watch and news tales to follow without having to search for them myself.”

Sophia Bernazzani, Staff Writer, HubSpot Marketing Blog

One of the best things about well-curated content — especially the kind that pertains to your line of work — is that it eliminates a lot of work. Keeping up with news and tendencies is never easy when youave already got a full plate, so when someone else is able to hand-pick the things you need to know, it can feel like youave struck gold.

Thatas what Raise the Bar does, by compiling a adaily digest of timely, must-read posts on sales, marketing and growth engineering.a And, that was the intent all along. In a 2016 blog post announcing the launch of the newsletter, Mattermarkas Co-founder and CEO, Danielle Morrill, wrote, aWeare turning our focus toward sifting through the mountains of content out there around marketings, marketing, and growth to help the community of Doers who grow companies.a

Takeaway for Marketers

Think about their own problems that your product or service already aims to solve for customers. Then, turn that into relevant content thatas going to both save period for and inform your audience — and make it easy for them to access it.

3) MYOB: End of Financial Year

What It Does Well

MYOB, a provider of business management solutions in Australia and New Zealand, helps companies manage their finances, in part by connecting them with bookkeepers and financial services professionals. It has two main audiences 😛 TAGEND Small industries that are just learning the ropes More established companies that need greater insight into all facets of their operations.

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