The Best 2017 Networking Events for Marketers


At some phase in one’s life and career, it seems that networking events have earned a little bit of a shabby image. They seem to conjure images of awkward handshakes, bad wine and, if you’re luck, a stale cheese plate. And where’s the appeal of that?

The truth is , not all events fit that stereotype. Some draw people from around the globe and offer content that builds the journey worthwhile. They’re tremendously informative. They’re wildly entertaining. And they’re listed below.

The thing is, we’ve been to enough — to put it kindly — less-than-stellar events to know what a remarkable one looks like. And to help you avoid the difficulty of canvassing the web to discover the best ones, we compiled this list for you.

Whether you’re a content marketer looking to enhance what you’re creating, or want to learn SEO on a borderline-obsessive level, there’s an event out there for you. By no means do we indicate you attend all 25 of the events listed below — rather, we recommend taking inventory of what kind of engagements are available to help you become a better marketer, depending on your specialty or where you’d like to improve. So look no farther — we’ve got you covered.

15 Networking Events for Marketers in 2017

1) Adobe Summit

March 19 -2 3, 2017 | Las Vegas, NV | Pricing Info

Adobe Summit boasts represent one of the largest digital marketing seminars in the U.S. It largely centers around Adobe’s technology, and how marketers can induce the most of its Marketing Cloud platform. But it’s more than simply a multi-day ad for Adobe’s software. Rather, it’s a collection of keynotes and breakout sessions that help marketers keep their projects up-to-date with the constantly and rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Attend this event if you:

Want to know the latest and most sustainable ways to reach a target audience Are juggling several campaigns and want to know how cloud technology can help you more seamlessly manage them Like big names — speakers include performer Kate McKinnon and the CMO of the National Basketball Association Want to become a thought leader or otherwise construct your following on social media Are looking to use social media to build customer loyalty and ambassadorship Would like to meet like-minded peers at any social media knowledge level Think you might be a little behind the curve on mobile marketing — or think you could be doing a little better. Want to learns how mobile marketing aligns with social and SEO attempts Aren’t solely sure where content marketing and mobile intersect Want to learn about a specific side of content marketing — this conference allows attendees to choose tracks that focus on one area Are also into comedy — there’s an entire section of the conference dedicated to comedy for marketers Like comics — this event’s superhero theme seems to permeate almost every element of it. Think experiential marketing is really cool, but you’re not sure you have the knowledge to pull it off independently Have heard of experiential marketing, but have yet to actually experience it yourself — no pun aimed You want to learn from the masters, and gain one-on-one insights from experts from major brands who have accomplished remarkable experiential marketing Prefer events of a smaller scale — this one tends to cap at 200 people Learn best from keynotes, since they make up the majority of this event’s content Stand to gain from SEO-specific education, whether you want to learn the basics or want to enhance your current knowledge level Are good at building video content, but aren’t sure how to monetize it. Want to learn how outlets like Refinery2 9 and POPSUGAR approach content marketing Don’t have anyone to go with — this particular event has agenda items like “dinner with strangers” for attendees who are flying solo Really don’t like networking events, as this one pushings every boundary it can Enjoy the intersection of marketing and pop culture, and think you could learn something from leaders at brands like Apple and Cirque du Soleil Like an event with a theme — C2 has a different one each year, and the 2017 theme is “ecosystems” Are so caught up in your day-to-day responsibilities as a marketer, that you forget about some of the sub-topics listed above Work in advertising — this event has an AdTech way Are especially curious about the overall role of tech in marketing Want to learn anything and everything about SEO Like plenty of socialization built into your networking events — this one has plenty of end-of-the day activities Are curious where and how SEO fits into any marketing role Enjoy a side of “party” with your networking event — this one offers plenty of opportunities to kick back, as well as learn Want to gain unexpected knowledge in unconventional parts of marketing that can actually to be used to your work Like some entertainment — like live music and standup comedy — mixed with your networking Think that B2B marketing is capable of being just as sexy as the B2C kind, and want to hear more people talking about it Like examples of good B2C marketing in practice, but want to know how you can apply it to your B2B brand Want to hear about more than simply the good stuff, and learn how to address and resolve the biggest challenges faced by B2B marketers

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