The Anatomy of a Perfect Blog Post


Even though we all are crunched for period, spouting off a mediocre blog post to the purposes of making a deadline isn’t worth it. Considering our audiences have access to countless other articles, it’s unlikely that they’d settle for a half-baked attempt.

We get it, though: It can be difficult to keep track of all the right blog components when you’ve got a full plate of projects. There’s a lot to remember when crafting a solid blog post — which entails there’s also a lot to forget.

To make sure nothing slips through the cracks and every one of your blog posts is both comprehensive and useful to your readers, we’ve created a rundown of everything you need to remember when you start writing. Bookmark this blog post, and make sure you’ve completed this checklist the next time you press “publish.”

How to Write a Perfect Blog Post

1) Headline

Every great blog post starts with a headline that grabs the reader’s attention, and obligates them to click and keep read to learn more. Internet readers have very short attention spans — around eight seconds in length — and the headline is one of the critical first components that help readers decide if they want to click and stays on your site. In fact, 60% of readers don’t read past the headline, which presents a big opportunity. Here’s how to write a great headline 😛 TAGEND

Brainstorm a Working Title

Start with a running title in mind and brainstorm how to stimulate the slant as interesting as possible. This is the phase of blogging where you start with a general topic and narrow down exactly what you want to write about that topic.

For example, if I want to write about the topic of “blogging, ” I need to come up with a more specific running title first. And those working titles depend on the format of my blog post. Whether you’re writing a listicle, an explainer article, or a how-to guide, brainstorm a few titles to guide your research. Here are a few notions 😛 TAGEND The Guide to Business Blogging How to Get Started with Blogging 10 B2B Blogging Strategies We Love( and Why) The ideal blog post title lengthis 60 characters . .” Headlines between 8 and 12 words are shared most often on Twitter. are shared most often on Twitter. Headlines between 12 and 14 words are liked most often on Facebook.

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