Snapchat Use Among Influencers Is Down 33%[ New Data]

We’ve been following the competition heating up between Snapchat and Instagram since Instagram launched Stories last August .

And in the year since, we’ve been be tracked of the changing tides of disappearing messages and narratives — and Instagram is the one to beat.

The number of Instagram Stories users explosion to 250 million users in simply a year, far outpacing Snapchat’s 173 million users . Anecdotally, more marketers have said they favor Instagram Stories, and gradually, social media influencers have stopped flocking to Snapchat in favor of Instagram Stories to connect with their fans in an authentic, unpolished way.

MediaKix conducted a six months-long study to confirm if, in fact, Instagram Stories was beating out Snapchat among top social media influencers — and the results are in.

Among other findings, they found that 😛 TAGEND Influencers shared twice as many narratives on Instagram as on Snapchat. Snapchat experienced a 33% decline in use among influencers.

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