Should You Let a Bot Manage Your Instagram Account?

Doesn’t it feel like most people are falling a little too much in love with automation only because it’s faster and easier?

Sure, automation can save you time and mitigate the grind links with repetitive undertakings. But does it make better results?

Can a bot truly be effective at replacing human interaction?

We wanted to see the best way to build an engaged audience on Instagram, so we decided to test outbound automation against human participation — and assure which one got better results.

What Do We Entail By Engaged Audience?

An engaged audience contains people who actually care about what you post.

Whatas the phase in running up a large adherent counting if the people on that listing donat engage with your content?

Itas easy to artificially inflate your follower numbers, which is impressive at a superficial glance — but it doesnat indicate that your content actually has any impact.

An engaged audience contains followers who like your posts, remark when you add something, and respond to your remarks. Itas about creating a loyal following that opens up dialogue and opportunity for all parties involved.

The Experiment

I teamed up with Fouad Tolaib, Founder of Jolted, to develop the framework for the experiment.

We had two initial hypotheses 😛 TAGEND The automated account will have more followers. A botas ability to reach more people would be more seamless than a humanas. Automation currently isnat sophisticated enough to be as effective at connecting with an audience peer-to-peer. Each account contained the same profile description. We posted the same content at the same day on both profiles each day, for one month. Every post contained the same hashtags to drive inbound engagement. A small harbor in Colombia. A shot of Macchu Picchu. A little boy and female stroll in Viacha, Bolivia. A shooting of the moon hanging over a mountain range in La Paz, Bolivia. A human in sunglasses posing next to a bunch of flags left at the top of a mountain. An archaeological site in western Bolivia.

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