SEO: The missing piece in brand protection

Letas face it — if you have worked in the industry for a while, you are aware that a stigma has existed around SEO for years.A In addition to putting your site at risk for a manual penalty, questionableA SEO practices can tarnish a brand’s reputation. Those of us who have properly applied SEO principles and committed to protecting our brands have gotten a bad rap due to others that have misapplied SEO for their clients or companies.

Running an enterprise SEO program for an established brand requires that one acknowledge the stigma and place a focus on changing perception. Changing perception requires action , not words. Simply training the company on the value of SEO, or how SEO can be applied responsibly, is not enough. Strategy alignment, allocation of assigned resources, and a full demonstration of defending and enhancing the brand is critical.

Positioning SEO as brand protection

Iconic brands stand the test of period by placing brand ahead of everything elseA — so when dealing with an established brand, one effective route to obtain support for an SEO program is by focusing on brand protection ratherA than potential traffic and revenue opportunity.

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