Proof that no ranking boost for responsive sites exists in 2017

Letas put the mobile configuration debate to bed.

For those of you who haven’t been following closely, the industry discussion about mobile design alternatives involves whether itas better to use responsive web design, adaptive design or separate URLsA to achieve better search rankings.

Because responsive web design is Googleas stated predilection, many SEOs assume that it is always the best choice for SEO. I have on many occasions questioned this assumption, but, for many, the question remains.

Google has said that there is no special ranking boost for responsive sites, but explains that responsive is their predilection because itas easier for everyone. Do we believe them? Letas test the hypothesis that there is no special ranking boost for responsive sites.

If there were a special ranking boost, I propose that we would see the following 😛 TAGEND When we look at the websites that get the most organic traffic from Google search, the majority of them is likely to be responsive. A majority of websites are responsive in 2017, so the percentage of sites with a lot of Google search traffic that are responsive will likely be higher than the percentage of sites overall. The websites that get the most traffic from search will have a higher percentage of responsive sites, as opposed to separate URLs or adaptive sites.

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