Pew Research Center says 45% of Americans get their news from Facebook

During the past year, the number of Americans getting at least a portion of their news from social media sites has increased from 62 percentage in 2016 to 67 percent in 2017.

The findings are part of a survey conducted via phone by the Pew Research Center, polling 4,971 Americans to ascertain which social media sites they most often turn to for news content.

Because of its overall reach, Facebook is the most popular social platform for US adults who get news from a social media site. With 66 percent of Americans using Facebook, Pew Research Center says 45 percent of US adults get at least some of their news from the site.

The survey found that of the 45 percentage turning to Facebook for news content, half claim it is the only social platform they are using for news.

Following Facebook, the second leading social media site for news was YouTube, with 18 percentage of Americans get their news from Google’s video platform.

Because of its smaller user base, Twitter ranked third in terms of social sites where Americans are getting news. With 15 percent of Americans on Twitter, research reports find 11 percentage are get news from the social platform.

aIn 2017, both the user base and the share getting news on YouTube grew. The result: 18 percent of all Americans now get news on YouTube, a says Pew Research Center. aTwitter has the reverse structure from YouTube: While a large share of its users get news on the site( 74 percent “says hes” do ), its audience is significantly smaller overall.a

Social media sites as pathways to news: US adults utilizing social platforms vs. those get news from each site:

Pew Research Center uncovered 26 percentage of the survey results participants said they get news from two or more social media sites — up from 18 percent in 2016. The report determined social platforms with a smaller user base were most likely to have users get news from multiple social sites.

aIn general sites with a smaller number of users also tend to have the most overlap with other social media sites for news, a says the Pew Research Center. The report found that half of the people getting news on LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat and WhatsApp are also getting news from three or more other social media sites.

Reddit was an exception to this rule: aOnly four percent of US adults get news from this site, and of these users, simply 38 percent use three or more social media sites for news.a

Pew Research Center parsed its survey findings to ascertain overlap between the social platforms was for news. Unsurprisingly, audience overlap was most common among the smaller sites with users who also visit Facebook and YouTube for news.

Audience overlap of users getting news from multiple social platforms:

The Pew Research Center attributes the 62 percentage to 67 percent growth in the number of people turning to social media to three specific demographics: people older than 50 years of age; non-whites; and those without bachelor degrees.

” For the first time in the Centeras surveys, more than half( 55 percentage) of Americans ages 50 or older report getting news on social media sites ,” reported The Pew Research Center,” That is 10 percentage points higher than the 45 percentage who said so in 2016.”

There was also a 10 percentage-point increase for non-whites who get news from social platforms, going from 64 percentage in 2016 to 74 percentage in 2017. The number of Americans without a bacheloras degree who get news from social sites also increased, from 60 percent last year to 69 percent this year.

aWhile a small increase overall, this growth is driven by more substantial increases among Americans who are older, less educated, and non-white ,” asserts the report.

The Pew Research Center also noted that getting news from social media platforms did not necessarily mean other traditionally bred news outlets were being ignored.

aTwitter news users, for example, are more likely to also often get news via news websites and apps than Facebook or YouTube news users, a says the Pew Center in the report. aFacebook news users are more likely to often get news from local TV than those on YouTube, Twitter and Snapchat.a

Another distinction should be made about the distribution of news content via social platforms versus the news content itself. Itas worth mentioning that while people are getting more of their news from social platforms, the news headlines are still originating from news websites. Whether or not that content translates into a click through to the original news site — or how many remain within the social media platform’s frame, such as a Facebook Instant Article — is another metric entirely.

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