Is AI Capable of Creativity? 4 Fails, and 3 Success

The robots are coming here.

We know — we’ve been over this. Messenger and live chat are speedily becoming customers’ preferred methods of communication. And for both, bots are often the first line of defense: the triaging system that are linked the user to the right human being who can solve the problem … if it even needs to get to that point.

In other terms, bots are removing some level of need for human labor.

It’s a hotly-contested point, one that’s met with a lot of questions rooted in concern.

“Is my job in danger? “

Will I be replaced ?

“A bot can’t do everything — what about the creative stuff? “

Aha. It’s that last question that often triggers the most debate around here.

Is artificial intelligence capable of truly creative work?

As it turns out, there’s no genuinely definitive answer. There have been cases when the response is, “Of course, ” and those where attempts to make an AI-powered presence creative fell entirely flat.

So, we attempted out to find instances of both. There are quite a few — some amusing, and some horrendous. Here are seven members of the best instances we could find.

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