Integral Ad Science launches beta to measure& optimize ad exposure period at the user level

Integral Ad Science is testing a new solution to help brand advertisers measure and optimize their digital display campaigns. The solution aims to move buying beyond basic viewability to a process that accounts for howA exposure to ad messaging across properties impacts a campaign’s influence on consumers.

IAS is running a closed beta of Consumer Exposure Optimization, which is part of the IAS Analytics suite, with Fortune 500 clients in what it says is theA first-to-market solution of its kind.A The system measures the exposure day and viewable frequency of ads at a user level. It’s then able to eliminate overexposure and correct underexposure on campaignsA soA that some consumers aren’t bombarded with ads while others have little chance of insuring them at all.

” We’ve been be careful to ensure that viewability isn’t equally distributed — some consumers are underexposed, some are overexposed ,” said Scott Knoll, CEO of IAS by phone.” Viewability has always been tied to a site , now we are tying it to a person and measuring their exposure. Advertisers can then adjust their buys to focus on the underexposed .”

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