How your website redesign can sabotage your paid search efforts

Recently, my PPC agency virtually declined to take on a new client because the clientas website was so severely outdated. The site appeared bad, was difficult to use and didnat have an easy way to convert prospects. But when we learned that the client was in the process of redesigning this website, we agreed to move forward.

This scenario suggests that when clients announce a website redesign, itas good news for PPC. But is it? Well, yes and no. Yes, because updated websites that work well and inspire trust can help our paid search efforts.

But no, because website redesigns can also end up sabotaging paid search programs — at least temporarily. Experience tells us that redesigns rarely operated smoothly from a PPC perspective. Unavoidably, there will be problems weall need to fix.

In this article, Iall walk through what can go wrong with website redesign from the vantage point of PPC professionals. By knowing these problem areas in advance, you and your marketing team can anticipate and avoid some of the most common issues.

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