How to Automate Your Client KPI Reporting Process: The 11 Step Guide

Picture this: itas the end of the month, and some poor soul at your bureau needs to put together the monthly marketing report for each client.

He or she embarks on this mind-numbing journey by logging into every digital marketing service “youre using”, copying the key data points, and entering them into your clunky marketing KPI spreadsheet.

For other metrics that are too complicated to duplicate in a spreadsheet, they cut and paste graphs from different software into powerpoint, and try to craft a cohesive story even though each graph’s format is different. Finally, it gets pdfad and sent over to the account administrator who forwards it along to the client or presents it live.

What a ache in the keister.

But your client needs to know what you’re doing with their money. All those grueling hours are necessary … right?

Most agencies see this type of manual reporting as a necessity, but, unforunately, the process is usually a negative experience for everyone involved 😛 TAGEND The account administrator probably expended 4-5 hours generating the client’s presentation. As a outcome, your agency wasted hundreds of dollars making a report that’s hard to analyze. The client has a hard time understanding how your services contributed to their business. Do they automatically import data from your marketing software or do you have to figure out how to upload your data? Do they offer standard reporting templates for appropriate tools you use? How easily can you build custom reports? How often do they refresh the data? Hourly? Daily? Do they offer special pricing for agencies? Can you brand the reports with your or your clientsa colorings and logoes? Can you change the domain name where your reports will be hosted? Do you need the tool to spit out a monthly report or offer real-time reporting, or both? Can you add your interpretations and suggestions next to the data? Do you want to view the data on your desktop, a Tv in your offices, and your mobile phone? How will your clients prefer to view the data? Can you generate separate accounts for each client? How long does it take to fully set up a new client account? Monitor their results more closely. Ensure youare achieving daily progress towards goals. Adapt your scheme more frequently based on whatas working. Catch any issues( like get zero clicks from a PPC campaign you simply set up) before they affect the sales funnel.

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