Facebook will block advertisers from changing connect previews, but hasn’t yet

In another great efforts to stem the spread of disinformation on its social network, Facebook is cracking down on businessesa ability to alter the headlines and descriptions previewing connects attached to their ads.

In April, Facebook announced that it would bar people and Pages from changing organic posts’ connect previews. The company laterA described the move as aeliminating a channel that has been abused to post false newsa. While Facebook has worked to remove the option for organic posts, it has remained available to advertisers. That’s soon to change.

Facebook will no longer allow advertisers to change the preview text for connects in ads, the company announced last week, after The Wall Street Journal documented how brands had use the option to construction news articles that mention a brand appear to be more promotional in nature. However, Facebook has not yet legislated the change.

Advertisers utilizing Facebookas self-serve ad-buying tool, Ads Manager, are still be permitted to replace the default headline and descriptions corresponding to connects included in an ad, as of this writing. A Facebook spokesperson said on Monday that the company is beginning to incapacitate this alternative and expects to eliminate its accessibility within the coming months.

After the change takes effect, advertisers will still be able to modify headlines and descriptions for links to their own sites through the Open Graph meta tags that Facebook uses to automatically inhabit the headlines, text and images in link previews.

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