Facebook debuts Watch, its home for original proves

Facebook is ready to premiere its attempt to take over YouTube.

Facebook announced on Wednesday that it will begin rolling out a revamped version of its existing home for videosA that caters toA the original, episodic depicts Facebook has been licensing to induce people think of it as a digital video service on par with YouTube, Netflix and Hulu.

Called Watch, Facebookas new video hub will be available in its mobile apps, on its desktop site and through its connected-TV apps, but for now only ato a limited group of people in the U.S ., a according to a company blog post published afterA Business Insider and Mashable reported that Facebook would unveil Watch on Thursday.

While people already watch a lot of videos on Facebook, they likely donat think of Facebook as a place to watch video. It just so happens that their Facebook feeds are full of videos( and it just so happens that more videos means more video ads, which means more money for Facebook ). Facebook does want people to think of Facebook as a place to also watch video — but the word aalsoa is key.

Video canat entirely overtake peopleas news feeds because:

Not everyone that a person is friends with on Facebook posts videos, and if people feel like Facebook is no longer a place to keep up with their friends and family, they might look for another social network to fill that gap. If media companies making TV-style shows have to compete with your auntas clips of her cat doing cat things for your attention, they may not win and may decide to take that programming elsewhere, like YouTube or Snapchat. Advertiser may be more comfortable buying Facebookas mid-roll ads when theyare running in the middle of a TV-style show than a closed-circuit video of a judge trying to understand why the defendant has no gasps. People are more likely to sit through those ads if theyare already in the lean-back mindset of someone using a video service than in the scroll-happy posture of someone checking their Facebook feed.

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