Assessing PPC talent, proportion 2: The test

Previously, we discussed how to find good PPC nominees for your particular company, but now it’s time to evaluate those candidates.

It comes down to this: You’ve held dozens of interviews with nominees almost impossible to tell apart. They all have similar credentials. They’ve worked in the right industry or surrounding, have utilized similar tools to what your paying media squad its utilization and didn’t hesitate to answer your questions. But what’s next?

The technical assessment of your PPC hire may be the thing you’ve most overlooked, and it can often lead to a complete disaster.

How do we evaluate PPC talent?

You cannot properly assess how someone will fit into your squad and impact your business simply by reviewing resumes and asking them a few questions to make sure they speak the language.

Unfortunately, there is also no one-size-fits-all appraisal your team can find online and use. You have to start by taking an honest look at your work environment and understanding the person who will be required for the job. What chores would this person be expected to complete daily, weekly or monthly?

If you’re a SaaS( software as a service) startup in need of velocity and growth, you simply cannot afford to hire someone who hasn’t been through that; bringing on PPC manager from a local digital agency won’t get the job done. Your hire will need to understand how to deliver a plan of upcoming experiments at scale and execute on them promptly. There can’t be a learning curve.

If you’re an bureau, your hire might need to be a better public speaker and salesperson in addition to having technological PPC knowledge, and they will need be able to create( and explain) reports.

By understanding the specifics of the position and crafting a test around them, you are off to the right start. And while there is no one-size-fits-all, I can share three tests I highly recommend.

Test# 1: The fake report

The fake report test might be my favorite, wherein you deliver an interviewee a fake dataset for analysis.A Present a sample report and ask for recommendations based on the data. Hopefully, they will dig into topics like the following 😛 TAGEND Suggestions on how to re-allocate budget for efficiency. For search, this might mean indicating search impression share. For social, this might mean indicating audience sizing and daily budget. What channels should be tested, given the business goals? Also, did they ask you about the primary KPIs for your advertising campaign? If not, it’s likely not the right fit. Is there an appropriate mix of prospecting and retargeting? Are campaigns organized in a way that attains sense? Should structural changes be made?

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