Don’t worry, marketers. Robots won’t replace you … yet.

When two of the worldas resulting AI research firms, A Google DeepMind and Open AI, team up to research the asafety challengesa of artificial intelligence, you know the threat is real. While we may not have a sentient Skynet in the next decade, the greatest danger AI poses today is to your job.

Fear of replacing by robots has been a reality for employees in manufacturing for decades, but due to advancements in artificial intelligence, computers are now capable of automating many fundamental awhite collara professions.

In fact, just this year, A a Japanese insurance company replaced 34 employees with IBMas Watson. More lately, aA programmer triggered a viral discussion across internet forumsA over the ethics on automating himself out of his own job.

And thatas only the beginning. An Oxford research study predicts up to 47 percentage of US chores( PDF) will be automated in the next decade. However, there are fields in which automation is unlikely, in accordance with the same researchers.

Jobs like surgeons and lawyers have a 0.42 percentage andA 3.5 percent chance of automation, respectively. Slim odds compared to accountantsaA 94 percent opportunity. Interestingly, marketing directors, too, seem safe from the oncoming wave of automation, scoring merely a 1.4 percent.

Whatas saving marketers from automation? A Human connection .

A great marketing campaign requires an even greater connection with clients; thatas something only humans are capable of.

That said, refuge from the oncoming robot revolution is no reason to rest. The same breakthrough in programming that they are able to take undertakings from white-collar workers will radically change marketing as well.

Now, more than ever, the role of the marketer must therefore be both aA technologist A — an expert in automated technology — and, perhaps more importantly, to beA human A — to actively connect and empathize with customers at all the points of engagement. Otherwise, itas time to get friendly with our robot overlords.

Software will eat the bottom of the marketing ladder, so get ready to climb

Today, hundreds of marketing automation solutions are already tackling many basic marketing activities, from email blasts to real-time ad purchasing, devoting marketers unprecedented reaching. Any marketer with an internet connection can now reach millions of prospects across the world with the push of a button.

But our reliance on automated programs has resulted in an industry focused on metrics that donat move the bottom line — vanity metrics like clicks and views.

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