Do SMB websites matter anymore? YP tells yes, introduces new’ pro’ SEO product

In addition to being a media publisher, YP sells a range of marketing services to small businesses( SMBs) across the US. This past week, the company introduced and enhanced website product ypWebsite Pro, which includes SEO-related services.

The offering blends a range of features: an optimized, mobile-friendly website, business listings syndication and content creation( monthly blog posts ). Boostability and Yext are fulfillment partners behind the scenes. The company said that during an extensive beta test with a range of customers,” over 70 percent of keywords in websites powered by ypWebsite Pro rank on the first page of Google search results in as little as five months or less .”

The new emphasis on websites and SEO runs counter to what might be called the” big platforms” school of thinking. That opinion holds that most customers are never going to visit a SMB website, so instead, the business profile on aA handful of major destinationsA is more important. An example would be discovering the highest-rated plumbers or local restaurants on Google or Yelp and calling them immediately without consulting their websites.

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