Amazon vs. search: Why you shouldn’t put too many eggs in one shopping basket

No matter where they’re situated or what marketplace they serve, retailers around the globe have questions about how customers use search and Amazon.

At Bing( my employer ), we’ve found that retailers — regardless of size — ask us about the same three things 😛 TAGEND Where do consumers look for products online? How do users behave differently on search vs. Amazon? Can my search and Amazon channels benefit one another? If we have questions around what it is we need, or want more information before we make a selection, then itas natural to turn to search. If we know what weare looking to buy, often we have a predefined predilection for which retailer website to begin looking for it. We use a sample of 9 million US users who conducted a retail-related search or visited Amazon on a web browser. We tracked the user activity on Amazon and Bing and categorized users in different retail categories based on their searches. We tracked the user journey, from searching on our site to visit and searching on Amazon, and vice versa, to understand patterns around user groups that come back to the search engine. We scaled the analysis using comScore data to be representative of mobile and app usage.

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