Accelerated Mobile Pages( AMP) conquered the rivalry for shoe retailer

In the highly competitive footwear vertical , no season matters more than late summer, when shoppers spend $27 billion on furnishes and apparel for the coming school year.

According to the Deloitte back-to-school survey for 2017, some 55 percent of that expend, about $15 billion, is devoted to garment and accessories. Late summertime may be only the second-biggest shopping season of the year in the United States, but for horizontals like footwear, it’s number one.

A top shoe retailer came to Brandify( revealing: my employer) for a solution to boost local store visibility online. To achieve the retaileras objective, we worked in collaboration with SEO consultant Steve Wiideman to implement Accelerated Mobile Pages( AMP ) for the retaileras virtually 500 US stores.

The open-source AMP Project, resulted and heavily promoted by Google in collaboration with Twitter, WordPress, Pinterest and LinkedIn, defines a lightweight criterion for publishing web pages that builds them load very quickly on mobile devices. The criterion includes special implementations of HTML and JavaScript, as well as the concept of an AMP Cache, which is a storehouse for serving pages converted to AMP.

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