9 Clever Ways to Get More Commentaries on Instagram


If you’re not a total Instagram addict like me, you might run a day or two without checking your app. And when you check your feed, you might notice that some posts from friends were shared mere minutes ago, while others might be a few days old.

So, what gives? Why isn’t your Instagram feed chronological anymore?

Like many other social networks, Instagram’s algorithm changed.

In this post, we’ll give you a quick rundown of what’s new with the algorithm, along with tips on how to create the most engaging posts possible to get more comments on Instagram — which help you leap higher in the feed and get discovered by new users.

Guide to the Instagram Feed Algorithm

In June 2016, Instagram announced it was changing its algorithm to show users content they cared about first — no matter when it was posted. This could make it tougher for social media marketers to get organic Instagram posts find because most users miss 70% of the content on their feeds.

That’s where participation comes in. There are a few factors that influence a post’s ranking on the Instagram feed, and the number of likes and comments a post attains is one of them. Here’s what matters when it comes to ranking on an Instagram user’s feed 😛 TAGEND The number of Likes and comments a post has If that user has interacted with your content in the past How recently you posted

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