75 Creative Facebook and Instagram Video Tips

It’s no surprise to any marketer that video is critical to growing a business. But how many times have you sats at your desk with a free hour and said to yourself, “let me just make this quick video to use in our next event registration email.”

If you answer “yes” to this question, you’re on the right way: video doesn’t have to be period consuming, hard, or take any certain production expertise.

But if you often answer “no” – we’re here to help. Know that get over the initial hump of realizing video doesn’t have to be hard is likely to be game changing to the next time you have a free hour at your desk. It CAN be fun – and we’ll reveal you how with this guide on 75 Facebook and Instagram Video Tips in partnership with Wistia and Venngage.

Why Facebook and Instagram? At this point, social media is basically synonymous with video. Facebook alone boasts8 billion daily video positions.

And – nearly every mainstream social media channels has started to optimize for video contentawhether it’s the ability to upload natively or include video-specific features that are unique to each platform.

Regardless of your business sizing or industry, you’re likely already employing at least a few social media platforms, which means you know that no site is exactly the same: thereas no aone size fits alla answer when it comes to using video with social media.

We break down the materials of coming up with a successful social video strategy as we dig into two of the biggest, most far-reaching platforms out there: Facebook and Instagram.

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