7 of the Best Mood-Boosting Websites We Could Find


I will never forget the day I became aware that watching cat videos is proven to enhance your mood.

Even to a bonafide dog person, the news was good. In a study carried out within Indiana University Bloomington, participants reported afewer negative feelings, such as nervousnes, annoyance and sadness, after watching cat-related online media than before .a

And itas not just cat videos — the same conclusions have been depicted about humor in general. Researchers at Loma Linda University found that, in aging adults, watching comedic videos correlated with improved short-term memory. In other terms: Funny is good.

We believe these findings particularly apply during the work day. When our days reach a stressful climax, or weare feeling particularly frustrated, thatas when self-care becomes imperative. But thereas time and efficiency to consider. In the middle of a winter afternoon, for example, a long stroll might not be the best alternative. Thatas where the internet becomes especially useful — itas full of those mood boosting videos that even academic researchers have found to be mentally beneficial.

But what are some of the best go-to websites for mood-boosting content? I surveyed the web and my colleagues for some favorite online sources of a quick pick-me-up, and selected the 7 best ones to seek out in the middle of a hectic work day. So go ahead — click, and smile. Youall be glad you did.

7 of the Best Mood-Boosting Websites We Could Find

1) Animal Planet Kitten Cam

Live video by Animal Planet L! ve

Sophia Bernazzani, Staff Writer, HubSpot Marketing Blog:

I’m a huge animal lover, and during a hectic and stressful workday, watching a live feed of a bunch of kittens playing is a fun route to take a quick mental break without getting too distracted.a

Visit this online destination if:

You love watching adorable things happen in real time. Thereas a reason why live videos get 3X more viewing time than pre-recorded ones — itas fun to watch things unfold as they happen, even if itas a cat detecting yarn for the first time.

Authoras note: For my fellow dog people, thereas also an Animal Planet Puppy Cam .

2) Huffington Post Good News Section

Aja Frost, Staff Writer, HubSpot Marketings Blog:

When I require a quick reminder about all the cool, heart-warming, inspiring things people do for one another each and every day, I check Huffington Post as Good News vertical. Itas a curated collect of happy news a often stories that are overshadowed by more dramatic( read: more depressing) events.a

Visit this online destination if:

You get overwhelmed by coverage of less-than-positive current events. This site offer great fodder for watercooler talk, but focuses on, well, the good stuff.

3) Find the Invisible Cow

Source: StrauberryPlays

Nick Carney, Social Media Marketer:

Sometimes, there are days when you just require a win — something to pick you up and carry you through the rest of the working day. For me, thereas nothing much more satisfying than receiving an invisible cow. It induces “i m feeling” more accomplished and ready to take over the world, one elusive cow at a time.a

Visit this online destination if:

You like a tiny challenge with your midday breaking. While itas not exactly a mind-bending game, Find the Invisible Cow offer just enough stimulation for your brain to feel like youave accomplished something. Plus, the more you win, the more animal alternatives you have to choose from.

4) Cute Overload

Janessa Lantz, aPrincipal Content Marketing Strategist:

Cute Overload is my go-to rainy day pickup. Puppies wearing red galoshes and kittens snuggling with hamsters will always stimulate me feel better about life. And even though itas no longer publishing new content, the archive is still filled with joy.”

Visit this online destination if:

Youare the nostalgic type. In January 2016, Cute Overload decided to stop publishing new content — read more about that here — but its previous posts are still alive and well at the original URL. So if youare the type of person who never gets sick of ensure videos about seals, bunnies, and polar bears that have been curated from a variety of sites, this destination is for you.

5) Spotify

When I told Bernazzani that I would be writing this roundup, she speedily pointed me in the direction of Spotify. The digital music provider, she explained, ahas curated playlists that are specifically about mood and attitude.a Some of our favourites? aBrain Food, a aSongs to Sing in the Shower ,a and, of course, aMood Booster, a which weave embedded below.

Visit this online destination if:

Working in silence induces you bonkers — or, if you really do need a quick and easy mood boost. Music is known for its multiple physiological benefits, which are reviewed quite exhaustively in this study of its neurochemistry. But not only can it help to regulate your mood, but also, it is feasible to intellectually inducing, attaining it a great way to take a break before resuming a challenging task.

6) BarkPost Humor

BarkPost is one of those delightful websites full of content that either leaves you in stitches, or clinging to your pets for dear life. If you prefer to avoid the latter — which is likely here, considering youare seeking a mood-booster and not a downer — we recommend checking out BarkPost Humor, which is packed full of trending tales, photos, and videos of puppies being unintentionally hilarious. Is it hard news? Not genuinely, unless you consider one womanas tale of sending her dog and cat to a wedding counselor to be heavy-hitting journalism. But frankly, who wouldnat want to read that narrative?

Visit this online destination if:

You never, ever, ever, get sick of ensure funny dog videos — whether youare in a bad mood or not.

7) Audiotree

You might be thinking, aAre all of these sites related to animals and music? a Well … virtually. But hey, as per such studies quoth previously, those are two of the biggest mood boosters out there.

For the latter, thereas Audiotree, the aptly self-described aartist discovery platform.a Whether youare into studio sessions, live-streamed concerts( and recollect — that type of video gets over 3X the views as others ), or documentaries, this site has something for you.

But what induces this site particularly mood-boosting? For us, itas the variety of content. It might seem like music is intuitively consumed one route — by listening to it — but Audiotree has made it a mission to diversifies the route we do that. Plus, they share interesting tales about the ones who write and perform it, adding a learning component to the route we enjoy a great song.

Visit this online destination if:

You love your favorite artists, but want to find something new. You may not have heard of the ones featured on this site before, but what better route to boost your mood than with a new favorite song?

Get Happy

I donat know about you, but I feel better already. Many of these sites were unfamiliar to me when I first began working on this article, and just listening to my colleagues describe them with such enthusiasm was a treat. Experiencing them was even better — and I definitely saw myself feeling slightly less emphasized and preoccupied once I explored some of what they had to offer.

And if you feel like youare too busy to take a break, know this: The top 10% of most productive employees take 17 -minute breakings for every 52 minutes of run they put in. So if you feel your earlobes starting to leave marks in your shoulders, please — watch a cat video, listen to an awesome new ballad, or read about some good news. Take notes right afterward on how “youre feeling”, and see how take such mini mood-boosting breakings impacts your disposition over time.

What are your favorite mood-boosting websites? Let us know in specific comments .

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