7 New Twitter Features( and 4 Others You May Have Missed)


In an industry fixated on rapid growth, any slowdown in user acquisition or monetization voices alarms. And Twitter, whether it likes it or not, has been sounding a lot of them lately.

After a few years of stagnant monthly active user growth and disappointing the market, Twitter has been on an upswing thus far in 2017 — beating investor projections by producing more fund and adding more new users than initially anticipated.

In the face of a negative narrative, the company has been quick to take action and focused predominantly on changes geared toward the user — and it seems to be working.

Over the last year, Twitter has made a number of changes, small and big, to drive user involvement and be enhanced the overall onboarding and experience of the platform. But we know how tough it can be to keep up with these kinds of updates, which is why we put together a listing of the more notable the characteristics and changes below. Marketers, take note.

7 New Twitter Features

1) The Objective of Vine … and the Aim of Periscope?

When technology companies are struggling to grow, as was Twitter for much of 2016, they will usually do one of two things — cut staff to induce fiscal ends meet, or develop new innovations to attract and engage users.

In Twitter’s case, it did both — Twitter sunsetted Vine and launched an in-app live video streaming feature — thereby eliminating the need to creek from Periscope for many users.

Vine paved the route for the popular short-form and infinitely-looping videos we consider on Snapchat and Instagram today( like this one ), and in the fall of 2016, it was ultimately shuttered as Twitter changed its focus to live video content.

Vines are still available to share and watch( and rewatch ), but now, six-second looping videos must be recorded and shared immediately to Twitter or saved to the creator’s camera roll.

Then, in December 2016, Twitter launched its own in-app live video streaming and recording function — effectively eliminating the need to live-stream from within the Periscope app.

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