7 Instances of Email Signatures That Drive Conversions

Email is still the workhorse of digital marketing.

In fact, the number of emails send and received per day total over 205 billion, according to The Radicati Group Email Statistics Report.

There are no other marketing channels as effective and efficient as email — but there still might be a use for email your squad is overlook: employee email. Individual employees interact with prospective customers, current clients, job nominees, partners, vendors, and industry influencers daily on a personal, one-on-one basis — and they already have valuable, authentic relationships with these important contacts.

Employee email is an often overlooked owned channel marketers can take advantage of to distribute content( both externally and internally) and drive conversions. But how? Through the employee email signature.

It seems simple, but by pairing an on-brand signature with a clickable call-to-action banner in every employee email signature, teams can use email signature marketing to assistance fuel their broader company goals.

Let’s take a look at a few examples of conversion-optimized email signatures, so you can get started on generating your own.

7 Email Signatures That Drive Conversions

1) Promote an Upcoming Event or Conference

Email signature marketing can help event marketers drive more enrollments, increase live stream attendance, and improve post-event follow up.

Whether it be a conference hosted by your company, third-party event, or even a dinner, a enrollment CTA in all employee email signatures can result in additional positions, clicks, and registrations.

We all know how much hour and energy it takes to put on a world-class event, why not use employee email to get the right people there?


2) Share a New Ebook or Industry Report

The easiest style to provide consistent and meaningful value to a prospect or customer is to pass along helpful content. Each email interaction is an opportunity to do merely this — and sharing thought leadership content helps construct trust and establish credibility.

But how are you able ensure everyone on the team is sharing your newest ebook or industry report in all of their send emails without forcing it into the conversation? Include a bright and beautiful call-to-action under their email signature.

3) Get the Word Out About a Case Study

Your employees( most likely the sales squad) are also emailing qualified prospects that are far into the sales cycle. These email recipients should learn how others are seeing ROI from your product or service.

To keep them engaged in your sales pipeline, share a case study, specific use lawsuit or testimony and feature a customer the prospect can relate to or identify as a believable brand.


4) Drive More Enrollments to Your Next Webinar

Need a new way to drive registrations and attendance to your upcoming webinar? Including a subtle call-to-action in every sent email is a fast and easy way to get the word out. After the webinar airs, you can even switch the CTA to read awatch the recordinga and link to the video.


5) Let Customers Know About Product Offerings or Discounts

Your client success and service squads send thousands of emails to clients every year. They have the undivided attention of your most important audience, so use it as a style to promote an upcoming sale or canat-miss discount. Donat forget about new service offerings and pricing packages too.


6) Convert Qualified Leads to Demos or Opportunities

How is your marketings developing squad following up with marketing qualified leads? Beyond a few triggered emails and/ or phone calls, 1:1 email is the most popular option.

Personalization is important in these emails, and including a CTA for the anext stepa is even more crucial. Be helpful, educate your audience, and provide a route to lead them to the next stage.


7) Incorporate Video to Engage With Your Audience

An median employee sends and receives 122 emails per day. Yet, some of these emails can be impersonal. How does your email differentiate from the 121 others?

We all know video is the most powerful kind of content when it comes to building personal 1:1 connections, so why not use it in every email you send? Establishing a real human connection through typed words on a screen is difficult. However, if theyare able to see your face and maybe learn about your interests, you have a better chance of gaining their trust.


Email Signatures Are Your Next Secret Weapon

Personalized and relevant content that is sent to the right audience have contributed to great things for your squad — and the employee email signature going to be able to! Create your own email signature today and see how HubSpot is helping deliver on this mission.

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