6 Websites Every Growth Hacker Should Bookmark


Iall start by saying this: I am officially preoccupied with growth hacking these days.

I never thought of myself as a growth marketer, let alone a growth hacker. Maybe thatas because itas a somewhat new theory — or a new name for a classic theory, at least. But as a content inventor, Iave learned how imperative it is to know how to grow any sort of property, whether itas a blog, a podcast, or a brand.

That might be what I love the most about the HubSpot Growth Stack, for example. It was built with the idea that every marketer stands to benefit from understanding how growth hacking runs. But where do you learn this stuff?

A Google search for agrowth hackinga yields a plethora of results. But as the word gains more popularity, filtering research results for the best resources becomes more difficult. Fear not — we combed through these sites and narrowed them down to six of the most comprehensive resources. So start reading, and get ready to grow.

6 Websites Every Growth Hacker Should Bookmark

1) GrowthHackers

Letas start with the obvious. When you want to learn how to grow, the URL agrowthhackers.coma seems like a natural place to start. Its founder and CEO, Sean Ellis, was pretty much a agrowth hackera before that label was actually a thing — since 2008, heas served in interim growth roles at companies like Eventbrite and Dropbox, helping them scale in their early stages.

GrowthHackers is a community of resources and experts that “helps squads unlock their companyas full growth potential .~ ATAGEND” And itas within that community segment of the site where the greatest wealth of knowledge lives. From a forum of growth-related posts, to a segment on growth suit surveys, to the Growth University, this destination is one of the most comprehensive growth hacking resources available online.

2) KISSmetrics

KISSmetrics is one of the leading analytics platforms that marketers use to obtain the data they need to grow. But beyond the product itself, the company offer a plethora of resources for growth hackers; for example, its blog and series of webinars.

The blog might be one of our favourites. Its entries are a mix of tactical content and great stories, like this one about how Calendly pulled off double-digit growth. Plus, if youare looking for fundamental knowledge about any area of growth, KISSmetrics has organized these kinds of blog posts into collective academy guidebooks. If youare just getting started, we recommend checking out this catalogue of entries synthesized for the aThe Basic of Analytics .~ ATAGENDa

3) Quick Sprout

Quick Sprout is largely the work of Neil Patel — a name with which anyone even remotely shall include participation in digital marketing is familiar. We like to call him a agrowth rockstara — he founded the aforementioned KISSmetrics shortly after graduating from CSU Fullerton.

On Quick Sprout, Patel does growth consulting work and results an online “university” on growing website traffic. Itas also home to one of his many valuable blogs, where he offer tips-off on conversion, marketing tech, and more. For a handy growth marketing crash course, check out this post on aHow to Become an Innovative Growth Hacker in One Month .~ ATAGENDa

4) Coelevate

Brian Balfour is another growth expert who cut his teeth in the startup sector. In fact, he’s been known to quote the words of investor Paul Graham: “Startups= Growth .~ ATAGEND” And on Coelevate, he frequently pens essays about many topics under this umbrella, like a10 Reasons Why Companies Fail At Growtha and aTraction vs Growth.a

Balfour speaks with a unique skill set. In addition to serving as the co-founder of startups like Viximo and Boundless Learning — which were both acquired — he also worked in venture capital( VC) as an entrepreneur-in-residence. He views growth from the perspective of both the entrepreneur and the investor. In addition to his terms on Coelevate, you can follow his insights on the blog for Reforge, his growth program creation business.

5) Andrewchen.co

Since its 2009 founding, one thing has been certain about Uber: It’s experienced unequivocal brand growth. And itas the kind of growth that can only be achieved with the right scale, which experts like Andrew Chen are brought on board to oversee.

And in addition to serving as Uberas head of rider growth, Chen continues to share insights on his own website, Andrewchen.co. His knowledge stems from his experience, much like Balfour, as both an entrepreneur-in-residence in the VC sector, and as what he calls an “entrepreneur-out-of-residence” — in both capabilities, heas helped to grow early-stage businesses like Barkbox and Tinder.

6) OkDork

Noah Kagan, the person behind growth blog OkDork, is one of those folks whoas so accomplished that we have to ask, “How many lives have you had? ” Today, Kaganas day job is aChief Sumoa with the Sumo Group, the maker of tools to help companies grow website traffic. Itas the latest in a string of product launchings and marketing success heas experienced, with brands ranging from Facebook to Mint.

Kagan calls OkDork a guide to “marketing, business musings, online communities and other things to kill time while you are at work.” That community part is key. He invites readers to participate, comment, and exchange thoughts. And since its December 2016 debut, his podcast, “Noah Kagan Presents, ” also calls OKDork home. Check out aThe 5 am Challengea — it happens to be one of this early riseras favorite episodes.

Continual Growth

aGrowtha can be a little bit of a big, scary word at first. Building and scaling a product or service from scratch might seem like something that requires the help of an expert, or a large squad. But as these sites indicate — thatas not the case. With the right approach, resources, and amount of experimentation, you can become a self-taught growth hacker.

From online communities to the HubSpot Growth Stack, youall be well on your style. But be patient — you might have to use a combination of these resources and go back to them as you work your style through projects. Thatas why we suggest you bookmark all of these sites. Growth takes time, but itas more than possible.

What are your go-to growth hacking websites? Let us know in the comments .

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