5 Super Quick Ways to Get More Messages on Your Facebook Business Page

Youave likely heard some buzz about Facebook Messenger of late, but most brands still don’t understand how to leverage it effectively. With 2. 4 billion messages exchanged between businesses and people each month, it’s time to construct the most out of the channel.

After all, 53% of people who message business say they are more likely to shop with a business they can message. And 67% of people say they plan to increase their messaging with business over the next 2 years. And, messages you send through Messenger will appear on a useras locked telephone screen — so your odds of reaching a user are greatly increased from sending a follow up email.

So, how can you attain the most of this network? We’re outlining five quick wins you can start using today.

5 Way to Get More Messages on Facebook

1) Optimize your page for messages.

Having a Facebook page that encourages users to message your page is the first — and easiest — way to encourage visitors on your business page to message your brand. It seems overly simple, but merely optimizing your page to point users towards messaging you can have a huge impact on the number of messages you receive from interested or curious potential customers.

Try 😛 TAGEND Setting your default Facebook Page CTA to Message Us. Inspiring visitors to message your page with the copy in your business description.

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