5 strategies to improve your ad transcript

Ad copy is a very important element in online advertising, but itas often aset and forgeta — once written, advertisersA moveA on to newer and/ or sexier strategiesA and tactics.

Ad copy is often one of the first areas I focus on to boost advertising efficiency. And, if I focus on iterating ads, I can often continue to improve ad performance. In such articles, Iall indicate some elements this enables you to put some pep into your ads and improve their overall performance.

Before getting started, here are some general pointers 😛 TAGEND Good ideas can take time to come together, A so put some time into your ad copy. I brainstorm ideas and intentionally sit on them for a while. I find thisA valuable, as I often come up with additional ideas when Iam not specifically thinking about my copy.( Keep a device or pen and paper handy to jot them down !) The extra period also gives me time to brainstorm and/ or run ideas by colleagues, run a mini-focus group or talk to potential customers to further refine ideas. Ad copy should be concise and to the point. Just because youare given a certain amount of space, it doesnat mean you should employ it all. In fact, weave been testing shorter headlines( especially second headlines ), and theyave been converting better than the longer ones. Come up with a plan to consistently iterate and improve the performance of ads. A simple calendar reminder( say, once every twoA weeks or every month) can be a very good way to keep on top of this.

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