5 Essential Skills Marketers Require to Succeed This Year[ Infographic]


The marketing landscape evolves at what often seems like a bewildering pace. There are changes in consumer preferences. There are updates to search algorithms. And, we can’t forget the frequent updates and features added to various social media channels.

For that reason, being a successful marketer today might appear to require a never-ending listing of abilities. Where do you need to excel — content creation, social media, web analytics, or all of the above … and more?

Relax. In a perfect world, it would be possible to constantly maintain all of these abilities at an expert level. But in reality, it’s okay — and helpful — to prioritize. The question remains, however: What skills do marketers need the most to both keep up with the industry, and be good at their jobs?

Luckily, the infographic below from TEKsystems outlines five crucial abilities — largely digital ones — that marketers need to succeed this year 😛 TAGEND Digital Advertising Social Marketing Website Design/ Development Content Development Mobile Marketing Search engine optimization/ marketing( SEO/ SEM) Digital business analytics — data like Google Analytics and Facebook Insights Digital project management UX design Front-end developing Web developing Consumer and behavioral analytics Product management Analytics Project Management SEO/ SEM

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