25 Last-Minute DIY Halloween Costume Ideas for Tech Geeks& Marketers

Halloween is a fun holiday, and it doesn’t get the attention it deserves. It doesn’t have recognizable sungs or vacation days associated with it, and it falls on a busy time of year for most people in the workforce.

But that doesn’t mean you should skip the galas at your office Halloween celebration. How many days of the year are you encouraged to dress up and goof around at work? Probably zero.

We want you to have fun this Halloween, so we’re taking the work out if it for you. We’ve compiled a list of DIY Halloween costume ideas that are easy to put together, inexpensive, and work appropriate. As a bonus, many are marketing and technology-themed, so even if your family and friends don’t get your costume, your colleagues definitely will.

25 Last-Minute Office Halloween Costumes for Marketers& Tech Geeks

Evergreen Office Costumes

1) Alt Text

This was HubSpot Director of Offsite Content Corey Wainwright‘s office Halloween costume a couple of years ago. It’s great because you don’t even look dressed up if you have a casual office dress code, so you can just blend in.

All you need is to dress in 90 s alternative garb — she went with black jeans, combat boots, and a cloth — and videotape a piece of paper to yourself that says something like img2 017. jpg. Or if you want to follow best practice for good alt text, you can put something better descriptive, like “alt_text.” Your choice, you SEO rebel, you.

2) SEO Ninja

Speaking of dorking out on SEO, you could be everyone’s favorite LinkedIn title — the SEO ninja. Dress in all black, put on a black ski mask( kinda creepy if you already have one, but we don’t judge here ), and videotape keywords all over yourself.

3) Mobile App

Wander around holding an appetizer — candy, cheese and crackers, chips and dip … whatever you have on hand. Boom. You’re a mobile “app.”

This costume also doubles as a great route to introduce yourself and make friends at a party.

Source: Opportunity Max

4) Instagram

Another way to turn handing out food into a costume: Dress up like a hipster and hand out graham crackers.

5) Ghostwriter

Grab a white sheet and cut a pit for your head and limbs. Dob some black ink places on the sheet, get a book and one of those feather quills( or only get a feather, I suppose ), and you’re a ghostwriter.

6) Whitespace

Dress in all white — add white face paint and a white wig if you’re ultra-committed. Then add a hint of color somewhere on the outfit, like a colored tie-in or scarf, or even a paint splotch. That colouring splotch will build the white space most prominent, transforming you into “whitespace.”

7) Error 404 Page

You’ve most likely encountered a funny error 404 page before, and you can make it a funny attire, too. Grab a sheet of paper, write “Error 404: Costume Not Found, ” and videotape it to your outfit.

8)( Monty) Python

If you’re into programming code, British slapstick, and low-effort attires, being( Monty) Python is perfect. Dress up in anything remotely snakelike in your closet: olive green garment, snakeskin accessories, and fake vampire teeth that can serve as your fangs.

Then, to amp up the dork factor on this costume, add two coconuts or a gold chalice to embody Monty Python on his quest for the Holy Grail.

9) Facebook

Grab face paint or eyeliner and write “book” across your cheek. Just like that, you’re the world’s biggest social network for Halloween.

And for your sake, we hope your colleagues actually get it 😛 TAGEND

Source: AndPop

10) Unicorn

Here’s another tech-friendly, double-entendre dres: Be your own version of a tech unicorn. Here at HubSpot, we love this tech icon, and you can easily induce your own version of a unicorn horn with help from this article.

Source: WikiHow

11) Phishing Emails

Phishing emails are nothing to joke about — they can seriously threaten your technology and data security. But on Halloween, you can dress up as a play on phishing emails for an easy DIY costume. All you need are a stick, a piece of string, and an envelope. Bonus phases if you own a bucket hat and vest to complete the ensemble.

12) Copycat

Here’s a technology spin on a classic Halloween costume. All you’ll need are cat ears, eyeliner-drawn whiskers, and a sheet of paper. Write “Control+ C” on the paper, tape it to your outfit, and you’re a copycat.

Source : BuzzFeed

13) Fully Vested

If you work in a company where people would get the joke, put on a bunch of vests( at least three, but even more is encouraged ), and that’s about it. You’re fully vested.

14) Nerd

What I love about the nerd attire is that it’s effortless and always unique — there are many ways to be a nerd in this day and age. Are you a tech nerd, a video game nerd, or a book nerd? The sky is the limit with this costume. Prove up wearing glass with your favorite accessories, such as a magic wand, book, or lightsaber, to complete the effect.

Topical Office Costumes

15) The 2017 Solar Eclipse

This summer, the solar eclipse took over the internet — and the country. As millions of people flocked to the path of totality to( hopefully) catch a glimpse of this rare event without burning their corneas, millions more attained jokes about it on social media.

For this costume, you’ll require a work sidekick to dress up as the sunshine and the moon with you. One of you wears black, the other wears yellow, and you both wear dark sunglasses. Then, at the Halloween party, the one dressed in black spends the whole period standing in front of the one in yellow.

Source: CBS News

16) The ‘Evil Kermit’ Meme

If you haven’t heard of this mega-popular meme this year, you’ve likely find it somewhere: It features Kermit the Frog, face-to-face with his evil twin, Evil Kermit. Evil Kermit looks identical, except for the black cloak.

For this costume, you and a coworker can keep it simple: You both wear green shirts, and one of you wears a black hoodie or jacket on top. If you really want to commit to the costume, you’ll spring for some green face paint to completed the ensemble. Walk around the party together, facing each other, for maximum effect.

17) Eleven from Stranger Things

Eleven from Netflix’s hit series Stranger Things is universally beloved, and it’s a bonus that her signature look is a comfortable and easy-to-assemble dres. Rock your best Eleven with a dress, a denim coat, and a box of Eggo Waffles.

Source : Business Insider

18) PokA( c) mon GO Trainer

PokA( c) mon GO had roughly 45 million people walking around in cities glued to their phones last summertime( and I was among them ). To pay homage to the explosion of this tech tendency, you’ll need a t-shirt that’s red, yellow, or blue. Using fabric paint or permanent marker, write Valor( for red ), Instinct( for amber ), or Mystic( for blue) on your shirt. Spend Halloween walking around pointing your telephone at objects, and you’re the spitting image of a PokA( c) mon GO trainer.

Gotta catch ’em all, right?

A photo posted by Odinia (@ marshmallowsie ) on Aug 9, 2016 at 4:44 pm PDT

Group Office Costumes

19) Google Algorithm Update

Find a couple of office buddies for this one — one panda, one penguin, and one pigeon. You might be thinking, “what the heck is the pigeon algorithm update? ” 1) It’s a thing, and 2) we checked Amazon for hummingbird costumes and there aren’t any cheap ones available.

Source: Opportunity Max

20) Black and White Hat SEO

This is another SEO-related costume, and I think you can figure this one out on your own. I recommend wearing a black hat for one, and a white hat for the other, and having “SEO” embellished on each one — which you can easily custom order.

21) Dancing Girls Emoji

If you’re the owner of one of the nearly more than 1 billion Apple iPhones sold worldwide, you’re probably familiar with the dancing daughters emoji 😛 TAGEND

Source : Brit+ Co

The easiest version of this costume is to find a buddy and dress all in black together. If you’re committed to emoji authenticity, buy black bunny ears to complete the look.

22) Series A Round of Funding

Get a bunch of people together, write the letter “A” on your shirt, and line up.( You could do subsequent fund rounds using the same principle, too .)

23) Snapchat Filters

Here’s another group costume idea that pays tribute to Snapchat’s filters feature.

There are numerous options that you and your squad can choose from to represent this costume. You could dress up as vomiting rainbows, cat and puppy ears, a flower crown, or a face swap, and this could be as DIY or store-bought as you’re interested in pursuing. For example, here’s some inspiration for a couple of the dog filters 😛 TAGEND

Source : PopSugar

24) Snapchat Ghosts

Put a marketing spin on a classic Halloween costume by arriving as a Snapchat ghost. You’ll all need a white sheet and to pick which ghost you like the most.

Source : YouTube

25) Instagram Filters

For this group costume, you’ll need white t-shirts and fabric markers. Draw an Instagram photo frame on the front of your shirts, and each squad member can write a different Instagram filter‘s name inside the photo frame. Or, create frame props with different filters on them like different groups did below 😛 TAGEND

Source: Nails Magazine

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