17 Data Visualization Resources You Should Bookmark

Whether youare writing a blog post, putting together a presentation, or working on a full-length report, using data in your content marketing strategy is a must.

Using data helps enhance your arguments by making your writing more compelling. It gives your readers context. And, it helps provide support for your claims.

That said, if youare not a data scientist yourself, it can be difficult to know where to look for data and how to best present that data, once youave got it.

And sometimes, the best style to present the data is visually. There’s a word for that: data visualizations. Those consider of any type of graphic content that visually communicates data to the spectator.( After all, paintings “say 1,000 words, ” right ?)

To help, we put together the following listing of resources. Below you’ll detect the tools you need to source credible data, and to generate some stunning visualizations. Check ’em out below.

17 Data Visualization Resources You Should Bookmark

Resources for Uncovering Credible Data

When looking for data, itas important to detect numbers that not only look good, but are also believable and reliable.

The following resources will point you in the direction of some believable sources to get you started, but donat forget to fact-check everything you come across. Always ask yourself: Is this data original, dependable, current, and comprehensive?

1) Statista

Price: Free. A Premium version is available for $ 49/ month.

Statista is a portal of statistics, examines, and forecasts focused on market research and opinion polling. Meant for businesses and academics, Statista makes it easy to find reliable market data based on industry, topic, or country.

One of the best features of Statista is its easy-to-navigate interface and its automatic visualization features. You can easily download statistics and charts you find to PDF, PNG, or Office file formats, to customize and use them accordingly.

2) Google Trends

Price: Free

Ever find yourself looking for data about popular topics, online tendencies, and current events? If you havenat already detected it, Google Trends will be your new favorite resource.

Google Trends gives you data on what people are searching for, how trends change over day, and how search interest differs by region, region, country, and so on. Itas easy to search for specific trends or simply browse current trending topics.

The best part about Google Trends? Itas completely free — and super easy to navigate.

3) Zanran

Price: Free

Google is great when you’re looking for lots of broad info, but when youare trying to find specific charts or data points, you might try using Zanran.

Zanran is a search engine specially designed for finding tables, charts, and graphs online. Keep in mind that Zanran runs by first analyse images found online , not text. In other terms, itall only pull out info found on actual tables, graphs, and charts. This get you to raw, original data fast — but you might find it absence if youare looking for short-and-sweet interpreted facts and figures.

4) Pew Research Center

Price: Free

The Pew Research Center, one of the leading think tanks in the U.S ., publishes tons of information and data on public opinion, social issues, and demographics in the U.S. and worldwide.

Itas an amazing resource for observing believable data on topics like politics, the media, internet and tech, social trends, and so on. Bookmark this page when you want to search for specific data, but donat forget to follow them on social media. This is a great way to stay up-to-date on current trends and continually generate content ideas.

5) SocialMention

Price: Free

Similar in function to Google Trends, SocialMention is a search and analysis tool that allows you to monitor user-generated content tendencies online. If youave ever wanted to monitor what people are saying about your brand, SocialMention is a great tool.( HubSpot clients: You can also do this in Social Inbox. Check out natural resources for more information .)

The real strength of SocialMention lies in its analysis feature. Simply type in any keyword( like your brand name ), and SocialMention tells you the strength( likelihood of being discussed ), sentiment( ratio of positive to negative mentions ), passion( likelihood of repeat mentions ), and reach( measure of influence of unique writers) of that keyword.

Gathering this kind of data about your brand can be useful internally, or you can use it to find data for social-related content.

6) Suppose with Google

Price: Free

It’s no secret that Google has a lot of insights and information to share. Luckily, Google put together a free tool for marketers to find updated data surrounding current trends called Think with Google.

This is a great tool for browsing, and I highly recommend subscribing to it. Since itas stimulated specifically with marketers in intellect, it does a great job of maintaining you up-to-date on the latest information you need to know.

7) HubSpot Research

Price: Free

Another great resource for free marketing, sales, and business data is our very own HubSpot Research. HubSpot Research is the place where we publish new and original reports, statistics, charts, and believed leadership ideas.

If youare looking for specific stats or charts, itas easy to browse by category, or use search words to find the data youare looking for. And if there are certain topics you want to hear more about, weall send you an email when we publish a new report or new data piece about it.

Resources for Creating Data Visualizations

Now that you know where to find credible data, itas time to start thinking about how youare going to showing that data in a way that works for your audience.

At its core, data visualization is the process of turning basic facts and figures into a digestible image — whether itas a chart, graph, timeline, map, infographic, or other type of visual.

While understanding the hypothesi behind data visualization is one thing, you also require appropriate tools and resources to construct digital data visualization possible. Below, weave collected 10 powerful tools for you to browsing, bookmark, or download to construct designing data visuals even easier for your business.

8) Excel

Price: Packages start at $8.25/ month per user( as a part of Office Suite Package ).

Chances are, you might already have access to Excel at home or work through the Microsoft Office suite. Microsoft Excel is a classic tool are applied to both analyze and visualize data. Whether youare doing the investigating yourself, or just trying to repurpose data into a visual content, Excel is an insanely powerful tool that you can use to create all kinds of graphs, charts, and tables.

Excel can seem like a bit of a beast to figure out at first, so if youare interested in learn to use Excel, check out these resources here.

9) Infogr.am

Price: Free for Basic. Paid packages shall be divided into three categories: Pro $19/ month, Business $67/ month, and Team $ 119/ month.

Infographics are a great style to interpret your data by turning it into something that tells a visual, memorable story.

If you have little to no design experience, Infogr.am is a great tool for you. It offers different infographic templates and tools for customizing your infographic. You can use charts, graphs, maps, images, and icons to truly spice up your data and make it visually appealing.

10& 11) Photoshop& Illustrator

Price: Pricing models start at $19.99/ month for a single app.

If youare more experienced with data visualization or design, using Adobe products can be a great style to generate more elaborated, creative data visualizations. Both Photoshop and Illustrator allow you to create charts and graphs, and theyare both great tools if you want to create longer form infographics.

12) Tableau

Price: Subscriptions are offered at two cost points: $35 per user per month( Personal)& $70 per user per month( Professional ).

If youare looking for some truly sophisticated data visualization abilities, Tableau is the king of data visualization software. By connecting with other data tools like Excel, Tableau induces transforming your raw data into stunning visuals really easy.

Note: Tableau is not the kind of software you would used only for intend visuals every now and then. Itas a powerful, expensive tool meant for organizations that are working with lots of raw, big data all the time. Still, if youare looking for a step up from Excelas visualization capabilities, Tableau is definitely a tool you should check out.

13) ZingChart

Price: One-time fees range from $199( Website) to $9,999( Enterprise ).

Ever wanted to create animated graphics and charts, but werenat really sure where to start? ZingChart might be appropriate tools for you.

Using Javascript, ZingChart gives you a full library of different types of charts, graph, and maps that you can animate and use to create awesome visuals for your website and blog posts.

The best part about ZingChart is its flexible and adaptable capabilities. All of its charts have responsive design, ensuring that your charts will look great on any screen.

14) Timeline JS

Price: Free

One type of data visual that are typically gets overlooked: timelines. They’re a great way to display your data by looking at changes or events over time.

While you could design a timeline on various graphic design platforms such as Illustrator, this free tool stimulates it easy to create slideshow-based timelines to embed on your website or blog.

15& 16) Google Charts or Google Sheets

Price: Free

If youare looking for a tool like ZingChart that lets you embed graphs and charts onto a web page, check out Google Charts.

Google Charts is an API tool that lets you make custom charts for embedding. These charts can be animated, but they have a similar look and feel to the. png charts you can create on Google Sheets( Google’s version of Excel ).

If you like the seem and feel of Googleas charts, but truly only need to create graphics for a. jpeg or. png file( to upload or embed in official documents ), you can also employ Google Sheets to create graphs and charts much like you would use Excel.

17) Piktochart

Price: Free lifetime account. Paid alternatives are offered at two levels: Lite $15/ month& Pro $ 29/ month.

A similar tool to Infogr.am, Piktochart induces it easy for you to create and customize infographics within its templates. This tool is meant for users with little design experience who want to create awesome infographics.

Note: If youare going to be using one of these two tools often, try using them in combination with one another. That will give you access to more templates, which you can use to vary your content.

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