16 Creative Email Design Trends to Watch in 2017[ Infographic]

Change is the only constant. And email marketing is no exception to that.

Over the years, email marketing has ensure a number of significant innovations and advancements — dedicating decorators the chance to explore more customized, innovative content for email subscribers.

To help you stay ahead of the pack, EmailMonks created an infographic deciphering 2017 ‘s biggest email design tendencies. Get ready to be enlightened with:

A dash of interactivity through parts like menus, sorts, search, etc. supporting the purpose of the email will continue to make the rounds.

GIFs have tempted us so far, but they’ll now be joined by cinemagraphs: keyframe animations and live backgrounds.

With email’s metamorphosis into mailable microsite, subscribers will be able to “search” for what they want in the email itself, without having to visit the sender’s website first.

Personalization and segmentation will reach another level altogether. Dynamic content will be a critical component of every email sent in the coming days.

As people are get used to assimilating more information through less content, less will definitely be more, inspiring minimalistic email design.

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