12 of the Sassiest Brands on Social Media

Brands use social media for a lot of things: to distribute content, to share news, to provide customer service.

And sometimes, brands use social media for gags, burns, and unmitigated sass .

When brand accounts share personality and humor on social media, it’s delightful — and it captivates the collective internet. It’s funny when brand accounts use social media like the real people behind the copy, and it breaks up the monotony of the negativity and mistrust that characterizes a lot of people’s impressions about their social feeds.

So we’ve rounded up 12 brand accounts to share the burns, the jokes, and the GIFs that build these sassy profiles some of our favourites online.

12 of the Sassiest Brands on Social Media

1) MoonPie

No list of sassy brand social media accounts is complete without MoonPie — the vintage snack cake that started garnering a lot more attention on Twitter for its quirky insights — and burns — after launching a Twitter beef with Hostess Snacks over whose treat was the official snack of the solar eclipse in the summer of 2017.


MoonPie is never afraid to wade into heatedly contested debates, like the still-raging critique of Twitter doubling its character limit to 280.

But remember, it’s not all fun and games — MoonPie’s witty social media director has feelings, too.

2) Helper

… as in, Hamburger Helper. Helper likes to wade into the social media muck by savagely burning people back when they try to make fun of the quick and easy meal brand — like so 😛 TAGEND


Simply put, Helper tells it like it is — and helps followers confront critical conflicts within their families and their kitchens.


I don’t eat hamburger, but even I can get on board with this level of merriment from a brand on social media.

3) Tesco Mobile

Tesco Mobile is a mobile phone provider in the United Kingdom, and from what I can tell from customer complaints concerning Twitter, its cellular coverage might not be the best in the biz. It makes up for dropped calls, however, by coming back with hilarious takes and jab in response to the haters.


Seriously, don’t make fun of Tesco Mobile gently — be prepared for them to come into your mentions with a fiery respond that taunts everything about you.


4) Discovery

Normally, Discovery‘s social media content showcases narratives about history, geography, and cute animals, like in this tweet 😛 TAGEND

Which is why it was so unexpectedly hilarious when, after the Pittsburgh Penguins hockey team tried making a gag about the average high levels of a penguin to contradict Discovery’s estimate, Discovery came back with a vengeance 😛 TAGEND


For context, the Penguins had just been eliminated from the Stanley Cup playoffs … ouch. We hope they had some ice on hand for that burn.

5) Brooklinen

Last week, Brooklinen sent this email to HubSpot Marketing Director Debbie Farese. At first glance, it appears to be a test email that Digital Marketing Intern Mark accidentally sent to Brooklinen’s entire listing, advertising its upcoming marketing on sheets.


Our team gawked at the email, lamenting what we were sure would be a swift end to Mark’s digital marketing career — until we did some investigation on Twitter and procured this incriminating tweet.

We realise we had all been tricked by a clever marketing ruse designed to drum up attention — and dedicate subscribers early access to Brooklinen’s sale.


Well played, Brooklinen. Well played.

6) Denny’s

Denny’s get in on a popular Twitter meme that tricks the spectator into repeatedly zooming in on spots on a painting to read secret messages — try it for yourself.

But Denny’s also tweets clever statements commenting on hot topics circulating — like the running joke of 2017, when social media accounts maintained generating different ways to transcript Snapchat Stories 😛 TAGEND

But they always find a way to infuse breakfast foods into their sassy tweets and memes — like this one.

7) Merriam-Webster

Merriam-Webster uses Twitter mostly to share interesting trends and articles about unique word definitions — but most tweets are usually accompanied by a very niche GIF or including references to pop culture, like this one 😛 TAGEND

The dictionary’s social media director also likes to subtly comment-without-commenting on current events taking over the news by tying it into the context of term definitions — ensure what I mean?

What’s the definition of the word “shade”?

8) Charmin

Charmin has a hilarious series of tweets called #TweetsfromtheSeat about — you guessed it — sitting on the toilet. Its tongue-in-cheek bathroom humor will definitely attain your day — and build you remember Charmin the next time you go to pick up some TP.

But make no mistake, Charmin shares important news tales in its horizontal, too.

Who says d( c )~ ATAGENDjokes are just for children?

9) Wendy’s

Wendy’s became famous this year for starting beefs( get onto ?) with anyone and everyone it is unable to on social media. It all started with this innocent tweet, advertising its policy of merely serving fresh beef.

This Twitter user tried to start a Twitter battle with Wendy’s, and clearly, they had no idea what they were in for 😛 TAGEND




And while Wendy’s sometimes utilizes social media for good, old-fashioned Biology 101 jokes …

… its social media sass is best reserved for people( and other restaurants) that dare hint its food is anything but# 1.


10) Bangor Maine Police Department

I’m from a little town called Portland, Maine, so when I started insuring news narratives about Bangor, Maine’s charming Facebook account, I was overjoyed.

Police Sargeant Tom Cotton writes the Bangor PD’s lengthy status updates, featuring long-winded tales that feature gags, some friendly mockery, and all-around laughs.

You can click to expand this one, or you can just read my favorite line 😛 TAGEND

“It’s your day on in the comment section of the world’s most marginally famous Police Department Facebook page. We heard that Zuckerberg reads it( that’s a lie ). “

Or this one 😛 TAGEND

“For those of us in Maine? We will shortly have the distinct privilege of leaving for work in the dark as well as returning to our homes in the dark. I also turn the analog bathroom scale back 10 pounds this time of year…or only look at it in the dark. Might as well make this enjoyable.”

These updates all contain narratives, warns, and advice for Bangor, Maine residents — all wrapped up in hilariously-written statuses.

“It should be noted that cats tend to come down out of trees when they make a decision to do so. Pleading with a cat turning now to terra firma is done strictly to please those standing around and appearing up. It’s a public relations move which makes people feeling warm inside, but cats are cats.”

11) BuzzFeed Books

BuzzFeed has nailed making different profiles and outlet for its fans’ myriad interests, and BuzzFeed Books focuses on news and stories in the literary world.

For the most part. The account had some words( but only a few) about the expansion of Twitter’s character restriction 😛 TAGEND

12) Pop-Tarts

I love Pop-Tarts.( Did you know the unfrosted ones are vegan ?) I also love the way the brand refuses to let anyone humiliation its name with unconscionable food preparation options — like this one 😛 TAGEND


Or this one 😛 TAGEND


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